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Engagement & 

Empowers businesses to collaborate by creating opportunities to lead, network and engage in projects that advance the vitality and health of East NOLA, city and region. 



Business and Civic Leadership Organizational Capacity
Forum for Dialogue & Problem - Solving

Provides the “missing” business leadership infrastructure and capacity to unify the voice of business and civic leaders in working with the public sector on a focused action plan for the economic resurgence of East NOLA. 

Creates a platform for business/ civic leadership and other stakeholders to exchange ideas, prioritize projects, propose solutions and implement plans that builds a premier community in which to live, work and play.

Leadership & 

Enhances the visibility and effectiveness of businesses that are actively engaged and investing in the economic revitalization of East NOLA. 

Unified Voice, Access and Influence

Provides effective communications and advocacy on key business issues and opportunities in East NOLA with political leadership, government agencies, economic development organizations and other civic groups in the city and region.  

If you are interested in the 

East Nola Business Development District 



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